About Us


The Albanese Cormier family of companies is comprised of Albanese Investment Group, LLC and Albanese Cormier Holdings, LLC. In addition to quality assets, we benefit from a diverse tenant base that allows us to weather even the most challenging economic climate.

The majority of our tenants are national or large regional companies that provide basic goods and services at a discount; making them less likely to be adversely affected by market changes. With superior locations in strong secondary and tertiary markets, strong retailer relationships, and a reputation for always delivering on our promises, Albanese Cormier Holdings is positioned not only to succeed, but also to thrive.

Currently holding commercial properties in 23 states nationwide, Albanese Cormier Holdings, led by its managing principals, Michael L. Albanese, C. Eldon Albanese, and Thomas F. Cormier, continue to seek potential investment opportunities that meet the very stringent acquisition criteria the Albanese Cormier Team has laid out. Historical data shows the overwhelming success of this model and has made ACH a leader in Southeast Texas commercial real estate.

Every step our company has taken has been built on an earlier solid step. Fifteen years of taking one step at a time has resulted in the acquisition of roughly 5 million square feet of strategically placed assets. Albanese Investment Group, LLC and Albanese Cormier Holdings, LLC have created companies that are built on a foundation of teamwork, integrity and performance. The Albanese Cormier Team of professionals and trusted partners have created one of the greatest success stories in today’s retail commercial industry. Our centers bring people together to shop, dine, and to be entertained; thus, promoting the success of our tenants.